Thai Store

Front of the Store

There is a thai store in Chuncheon!  it is called World Mart and it is located in Myoung Dong.


  1. Get to Myoung Dong, can take a cab, or pretty much any bus!
  2. Find the M department store alleyway
  3. Walk all the way down the alleyway (keeping M department store, and ABC mart on your left)  and you should see the mart.

With ABC mart to your left

They have a  variety of things like Seasonal fresh basil, cilantro, thai eggplants, limes, lemons.  Hot chilis, coconut milk, lots of sauces for stir fries, Thai curry pastes, Indian spices.  Lentils, chickpeas, beans, Vietnamese rice roll wraps, Thai noodles, pad Thai paste. ETC. 🙂  Also, Sangsam Thai Rum.